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The College of Social and Management Science is one of the three foundation colleges of Wesley University Ondo.  The College is designed to meet the needs of both students seeking a high level career in financial or business management and of employers seeking a high caliber of business graduate.  The College offer robust academic programmes in Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and Mass Communication.  Six distinct degrees are awarded within the College.  These are:
1.   Department of Management Science
B. Sc. Accounting
B. Sc. Banking and Finance
B. Sc. Business Administration
2.   Department of Social Science
B. Sc. Economics
B. Sc. Mass Communication
B. Sc. Political Science

The programmes of the college are aimed at offering a broad overview of all management issues and specialist knowledge in the applications of accountancy, banking, finance, economics, politics, and required communication skill in the world of Business and global economy at large. The B.Sc. Accounting is four year honour degree that has been enhanced to meet the needs of the global finance industry. It will provide the students with a thorough preparation for a career in the financial markets through a combination of academic rigour and practical-skill building. The B. Sc. Banking and Finance programme is aimed to providing an enhance excellence services and to keep up with the latest financial innovation and financial engineering in the field of domestic an international banking finance.  The B. Sc. Business Administration programme is aimed at developing the total being of a manager. In this connection, this curriculum is designed to develop the mind and impart theoretical and practical knowledge that will encourage self-reliance in the individual. The curriculum will also enable him/her to understand, exploit and improve his environment.  B. Sc. Economics is designed to prepared students for career in government, business, professions, teaching and research.
To achieve this objective, the courses are designed to provide a clear understanding of the methodology of Economics and the use of the tools of economic analysis. The courses offered and the depth at which they are taught are such that the graduate of the Department would have acquired the competence to handle problems in both the public and the private sectors which are amenable to the analytical method and tools of Economics. The academic programme for B.Sc. Political Science is opened to candidates who are seeking a career in the Civil Service at any of the three tiers of government: Federal, States’ or Local Governments. Opportunities also abound for such graduates in the private sector of the economy. The mission of the department is to provide professional education that adheres to the highest standards of scholarship and to give service to the society at large.
The B. Sc. Mass Communication is aimed to provide qualitative and scientific education as well as professional training with the necessary skills and techniques to excel in both public and private enterprises.  The programme will also provide training for young men and women in communication career, mid-career management professionals and continuous development of practicing mass communicators.
This College is set to produce graduates who are at par with their peers from any other part of the world. We are determined to operate above the minimum academic standards of the National Universities Commission and the University, on its part is creating conducive atmosphere for efficient and effective teaching in a normalized academic calendar resistant to regular disturbances plaguing several higher institutions in Nigeria. The College is in control of teaching and research laboratories and also has a mix of competent academic and resourceful administrative staff members.
Very soon a skills acquisition and Academic Resource Centre shall be established to further enhance capacity building within the college and the ability of the graduates to be self sufficient and create employment upon graduation.